Feedback and Complaints

Ƶ is committed to making our campuses welcoming, accessible, and a safe place for everyone. As part of this commitment, we want to hear feedback from any of our students and visitors of our campuses.

If you experienced something at Ƶ that troubled you or impressed you, please let us know through the options below!

Every day Ƶ strives to be a better place than it was yesterday. We can’t accomplish this without your input. Please leave any feedback you think is relevant to your experiences at OC as a student or guest.

Ƶ is committed to providing high quality academic programs and support services,  maintaining a healthy student environment and continuously improving the student experience through receiving and responding to concerns and complaints from students. Please let us know of any complaints you may have. 

Related policies: 

Sexual violence and misconduct are very serious offenses and should be reported right away. There are several ways to report an incident of sexual violence and you are not limited to reporting through this site alone. You can submit a report through the many means available to you, including contacting OC Security, Student Services, the RCMP, or other organizations. 

The report method accessible below is filed with an external, confidential service provider- REES and reports are only provided to Ƶ at the expressed instruction of the person who files the report. 

Urgent or immediate support 

If you require urgent or immediate support: 

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If Ƶ has failed to provide accommodations, and/or when communications, facilities, technology or other services provided by the College are not accessible let us know.

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Academic Integrity is a cornerstone of any education. If you have any concerns about other students not adhering to our Academic Integrity policy please let us know. 

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A reminder that all the questions in these forms are optional. You can share as much or as little as you want.

A OC Employee will read the information you provide and proceed to act on your feedback and concerns as needed. We may share some of this information with other areas of Ƶ to help address your complaints and concerns. We will make every effort to protect privacy but cannot guarantee total anonymity in every situation.