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Scheduled Maintenance

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Need help connecting to wifi, logging in or technical support?


Instructional demo on how to reset your school/work account password


Book equipment for your project or presentation at Ƶ.


Click here to get the latest instruction on how to connect to WiFi on campus

Contact the IT Helpdesk

By phone

Call one of our help desk technicians by dialing our service desk:

Toll free: 1-866-839-4032

By email

Ask a question by sending us an email to support@okanagan.bc.ca

By chat

Click on the following link to start a chat session with one of our help desk technicians

Submit an IT service request

Ask a question or report an issue and we will follow up as soon as a technician is available.

IT Security

IT Security, as part of the IT Services portfolio, is OC's center of expertise for cybersecurity advising and activities including assessment, auditing, monitoring, investigation, technology selection, awareness training, and incident response.

Learn tips to keep yourself safe and find out what to do if you have questions or concerns, want to report a suspicious email, cyber-threat incident or activity, or have possibly clicked a bad link or responded to something questionable.

IT Projects

As part of the IT Services portfolio at OC, the Business Transformation Team provides project management and technical expertise on strategically aligned IT projects.  

Learn about what we do, how to submit a project request, access project management tools and resources, and learn more about noteworthy projects.


Return equipment

If you are just returning unneeded equipment, please come by your local IT Office and drop it off.  If you can, please label it covid-return and include your employee/student id number.

Need more equipment?

IT Services has equipment to borrow.

If you are a student, instructor, or staff, please feel welcome to book equipment to help with any project you may be working on.  

Employee frequently asked questions

Need to access e-mail away from the office?   Employees can login to webmail from any device.

Both student printers and staff printers can be installed on your machine for printer purposes. Please note you have to be on-campus to print or connected to VPN.

VPN services allow employees to gain access to on-campus resources from a remote location. This includes applications like ELMS, Document Imaging, Banner, Argos, etc.

Student frequently asked questions

To log in to Moodle at Ƶ, visit the Moodle website and enter your provided username and password. 

This can be done from any device.

MyOkanagan for the first time? Click below to access your account and start exploring college resources.

Forgot your password? No worries! Click below to reset it and regain access to your account.

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Education Technology

The  education technology resource centre provides advice, training and assistance to Ƶ faculty in all program areas in instructional practices and delivery methods that reflect 'best practices' in the application of technology to teaching, learning and research.

Teaching virtually

OC's Learning and Applied Research department has resources, information and workshops available to faculty and instructors looking for support in developing online teaching materials. 

Visit Learning and Teaching